A dilapidated sunflower


Its feathery yellow petals
Droop like a shaggy lion’s mane
The summer rains dash relentlessly
Draining us of joy
And washing life away


pre-sleep musings


The truth is, you make my cheeks flush and my
stomach churn with hunger for your pouty
lips. The truth is, at night I go to sleep
with a smile again. The truth is, I roll
unto my side and don’t picture him, I
see you instead. The truth is, you chase him
out of my nightmares, with your firm tanned chest
squared against my fears.

I catch myself replaying your jokes in
my head when it hits me: the blush in my
bluff, our furtive glances, they’re things I’d done
with him. Your warmth too will get too hot, it
too, will burn my heart. A shiver runs down
my spine and though I pull blankets around
me, they fail to seal my heart. False hope
possesses me, its fingers wringing my
neck. The truth is, you could easily snap it,
just like he did.

Him and You


It’s been so l o n g since my heart POUNDed like
a drum. Even longer since my cheeks flushed-
pink. Feels like f o r e v e r since I yearned for
someone’s kissss, since I felt that SPark in my
stomach. It’s been a g e s since lying in
my blanket fortress, I thought about some-
one new on the whim. It’s been so l o n g since
I let someone in my heart. But I don’t want
this… it. was. enough. to. be. b-r-o-k-e-n. once.

The dandelion in us


A snow-white bed sheet flaps in the gentle
breeze, with milky tendrils of cloth, beckons
towards the ash sky and the grass and the
trees. Clumps of dandelions surf the wind
lazily, like wisps of cotton candy
against the silvery clouds, coming to
a rest on a blade of gaunt grass. Tipping
precariously, the blade dips its head
in defeat, and the dandelion is
off, again. Damned to an eternity
of travelling alone, of settling, then
being ripped from home, of searching within
for the answer, the dandelion is
tossed into the hungry grey waves, consumed,
it sinks to the bottom of charcoal sea.